• China (Nanjing):
    ESOL/EFL/ESL Teacher
    14 Sep 2011
    Full Time

    DD Dragon
    Jianpu, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, P.R.China

    Reference No. DNJTJ08K
    Position: Full time English teacher
    Interviewing: Now
    Website: www.GoldStarTeachers.com

    We are looking for creative, motivated English teachers who have an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude to fill the available one year contracts.

    DD Dragon Educational Organization
    DD Dragon Educational Organization was founded in Taiwan. With the publication of the ‘English With DD Dragon’ and the DD Dragon For Beginners textbooks, the company was able to expand rapidly across the island of Taiwan. In 2003 DD Dragon set up its first office in China, and since then has opened schools in some of China's most famous cities.
    What makes DD Dragon a truly unique company is its dynamic attitude to English education, which can easily be seen on each concise yet fun-filled page of the DD Dragon textbooks, or in any action-packed yet structured class taught by a DD Dragon teacher.

    Announcing A New School Opening – June 2010
    DD Dragon opened a new English school in Jianpu, Nanjing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanjing), not far from Shanghai. The 500sq meter, up to date language school opened its doors on 15th June 2010. With its own branded course materials, excellent resources and an experienced management team, DD Dragon Nanjing will continue to deliver on its reputation for quality English education.
    Nanjing – The city

    Lies on the south bank of the Yangtze River, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is one of the most delightful destinations in China. Known as the capital city of six or ten dynasties in ancient Chinese history, it has a brilliant cultural heritage.
    Like most major cities in China, Nanjing is developing rapidly. Great changes have taken place in the city. Modern highways and railways connect the city with most major cities throughout the country and it is becoming a sparkling metropolis akin to Shanghai and Beijing with skyscrapers, luxury hotels, fashion shopping malls, supermarkets and highly-developed economic zones throughout the city. Transport in the city is very convenient with the new metro service in addition to taxis, public buses, tourist special lines and other means of transport. Dazzling shopping malls and department stores can be found in the commercial areas of the city with stocked plenty of international brand names. Nanjing is also home to several colleges and universities and a large foreign population. The city is becoming an international metropolis with new faces every day.
    For more information on the city of Nanjing please have a look at:

    Students are aged from 4 to 15 years old, split up according to age and then English ability. All students go through a placement test when they enter the school to determine their English level and make sure there are no mixed level groups. Maximum group size is kept to 12 students. The school has its own syllabus, course materials and flashcards, CDs and a host of other resources to allow for varied and motivating lessons.
    Teachers will all have their own teachers’ assistant in every class to help with classroom management and support the teacher as needed.

    • TEFL certificate
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Experience teaching with 3-12 year olds preferred
    • Eagerness to teach young learners
    • Plenty of passion and energy

    • Non-experienced teachers: 1st – 5th 6,000 RMB & 6th –12th 7,000 RMB per month
    • 1 years teaching experience: 7,000 RMB per month
    • 2 years teaching experience: 8,000 RMB per month
    • Housing allowance: 1,000 RMB per month
    • Flight allowance: 6,000RMB
    • 10 days National Holidays plus 5 days personal holiday
    • Bonuses up to 2,000 RMB per year
    • Comprehensive insurance
    • Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided
    • On-going teacher training

    Main Responsibilities
    • Maximum of 18 hours teaching per week
    • Lesson planning
    • Use audio / video materials in classes
    • Assist in the placement testing and interviewing of new students
    • Carry out teaching related responsibilities including, but not limited to demonstration classes, conversation clubs, tutorials, seminars and presentations
    • Attend centre social events

    How to apply
    Please send the following to Kylie Yueh at teach@GoldStarTeachers.com:

    • Covering letter
    • CV
    • Recent photo
    • Degree & TEFL certificates
    • Passport photo page
    • Contact details and 5 available days and times available for interview

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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